Holidays Tree-Trimming Jollies

Children are invited to make ornaments and decorate Clarion’s Christmas tree on Saturday December 10. Come anytime between 10 am and 4 pm. Our resident art teacher Maria Gonzalez will be here to advise and assist. We supply the materials. You do the creative work. There will be apple cider and cookies to bring in the holiday cheers!

A Grand Beginning

Over 350 people came to celebrate the opening of Clarion Music Performing Arts Center. Two stages and non-stop performances from 4 to 8 pm. This poem, medical received the following morning of the event, summarizes the evening:

In her voice Chinese is a song

In her song English is a flower
In her house music is a treasure
In this treasure community finds full bloom
Youthful exposition meets operatic expanse
Dead poets intermingle with live wires
Traditional instrumentation meets jazz implementation
Filling the hollows with haunts, chants and chance

by Moe Chi

List of performers and installation artists:

Benedict Lim, composer Symphonic Poem, The Rape of Nanking

Lewis Campbell, Cowboy Luigi  “A Very Old American Tale”

Carlos Zialcita, harmonica

Clyde ALWAYS “The Cremation of Sam McGee” by Robert Service

David Wong, Alan Yip—Tranquil Resonance Studio Chinese music

Clara Hsu, poet Translation of “Poem in Memory of Dead Wife” by Su Shi

E.K. Keith, poet Interpretations of Silvia Plath

Francis Wong, saxophone

Genny Lim, poet

Hal Robins, poet “the Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

Stephen Kent, didjeridu

Beth Custer, clarinet

Jennifer Barone, poet Dead Poets Society host

Laurie Weinstock, jazz vocalist

Mario Grillo, bass

Ryanaustin Dennis, poet

Sarah Vay Kerns, flute

Vismaya Lhi, Teatro Mistral

Dan Brady and Wendy Wolters, interpretive dance
Dan Brady
Wendy Wolters

Alex & Alice Benedict, 2.5 D gravestone animation

Kinetech Art, 2.5 D gravestone animation

Brent Benaway, artist silhouettes

Julia Benaway, photography

Georgina Manzo, artist Mexican Grave

Lori M Rillera & Kristy O’Brien The Questions Room & Day of the Dead Pillar

Maria Gonzalez, artist face painting

Marlene Aron, artist pastel painting on basement wall

Virginia Barrettwoman poet altar