Poetry, Voice and Acting Workshop

Next Workshop: Sunday January 29, 2017  3 to 6 pm

An eloquent afternoon with Clara Hsu, Vismaya Lhi and David Acevedo.
Explore your personal connection to poetry.
Discover the power of the voice
and the possibilities of expression through acting.

This workshop begins with a conversation on how poetry affects our lives and gives us a deeper understanding of language and ourselves. We examine our need to write and the meanings that we attach to our writing.

How does the voice on paper transfer into the human voice? What happens when we read our own work—-are we reading to ourselves or to others? What does it take to be “heard”?

Acting ignites the power of persuasion by tapping into our own dynamic world that is most often not utilized. To realize and pursue the potential is to enrich our daily lives with surprises and energy.

The sequence of words, voice and delivery will be presented by Clara Hsu, poet, Vismaya Lhi, soprano and voice coach, and David Acevedo, director of SF City Theatre company and Teatro Latino.

This workshop is designed for people who are interested in self-exploration. No writing, singing or acting experience needed. Of course, writers, musicians and actors are welcome.

Testimonials for workshop on Nov 27th, 2016:

“I am very glad to hear we will have more workshops and like to come again.  This first class touched each topic a little, very interesting, I want to learn more. Thank you.” –Carol Chang

“Combining writing, voice and theatre modalities into one workshop worked exceedingly well. It gave us the opportunity to tap into a full range of creative outlets, from self-reflection to ensemble work. This was a rewarding experience on multiple levels. It was invigorating to connect with Clarion’s creative community and I left with the feeling that I had somehow expanded my concept of what I was capable of.”–Candice Kollar

“Clara, Vismaya, and David created a safe space for workshop participants to explore poetry, voice, and acting at Clarion. Going into the workshop, I didn’t know what to expect and I was able to feel open and curious as we progressed through writing and sharing poetry, learning how to have fun with our voices, and interacting with each other through various acting scenarios. Overall, I enjoyed working with Clara, Vismaya, and David and look forward to other opportunities to interact with each of them and with Clarion.”
–April Y