Events at a Glance


March 20
San Francisco Poetry Open Mike Podcast TV Show with featured poets Genevieve Yuen and Lisa Alden.

March 24
Galeria Clarion Group Show Opening

March 31
Art Critique Comedy Show

April 9
Music of Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Hungary and Spain with Miroslav Tadić (guitar) and Yvette Cornelia Holzwarth (violin)

June 16
Trance Mission Electrifying Sonic Drive Back to Clarion: Stephen Kent, didjeridu; Beth Custer, clarinet


The Power of Poetry/Voice/Acting Interactive Workshop

This is a workshop that we are planning to offer on a regular basis. Next workshop date TBA.

Testimonials for the workshop on January 29, 2017:

my first workshop at the Clarion yielded a fun and very fascinating evening of poetry, voice, and acting. It was conducted by three very engaging and skillful people who brought their respective experience to instruct our smallish, intimate group of seekers, like myself.

Clara Hsu, the founder of Clarion, gave exercises in writing a poem in a clear and novel way that was so effective.  Vismaya Lhi is a soprano who actively encouraged us to expand and amplify our voices--the physiology of how we make sounds and gave hands-on instruction in body awareness.  The third instructor, David Acevedo, director of Teatro Latino, did an exemplary job showing us how to release our inhibitions in an actorly way.  very refreshing!

I certainly look forward to subsequent workshops at the Clarion.  kudos to such an excellent resource for those who are interested in writing and the performing arts.  Drinks and cookies included, which always hits the spot!  ~Genevieve Yuen, Poet
The poetry/voice/acting workshop I attended at the Clarion Music Center was very enjoyable and worthwhile. I learned new ways of expressing myself before groups of people, which will be helpful in all manner of public speaking. I found the voice coaching especially helpful in teaching me to share my voice in a more full and resonant manner.   ~Cesar Love
It was just the push we both needed to get out of our own way. It is brilliant that you touched on the three important forms of expression - writing, voice, and acting. Just what I needed to shake expression out of my head and into the world. I am feeling liberated and have been in action as a result. Three hours, so much impact. We are talking about it to everyone! Things are happening!  ~Stephen Graziani