Fund Drive for Theatre Lights

Lights before action.

And lights are needed for the new stage at Clarion Music Performing Arts Center.

It is the vision of Clara Hsu, poet; David Acevedo, theater artistic director; Vismaya Lhi, soprano; and Maria Gonzalez, artist—a vision of installing music, theater, art and poetry in one single space for San Francisco’s Chinatown and greater community.

In Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s words, this San Francisco’s legacy business “is an irreplaceable cultural resource, for providing a valuable space for musicians and poets.”

$7000 is needed to install a professional lighting system to enable productions by SF City Theatre Company, theatre Latino, Teatro Mistral and all the classes, concerts, operas, plays, poetry readings workshops and student recitals at Clarion Music Performing Arts Center.

Please donate. Be one of the torch bearers.

Let them stand and bathe in the light
and in doing so, awake all our senses.

Visit our GoFundMe page and make a donation. Thank you!