Galeria Clarion Opening Show

five dynamic artists

Friday March 24     5-8 pm
Artists Reception

Friday March 31    7-9:30 pm
Art Critique Comedy Show

The Artists

Justin Talamantes is a San Francisco based painter and comic book artist. He graduated in 2011 with a BA in Painting and Drawing from San Francisco State University. He is heavily influenced by Westerns, Superheroes, Lucha Libre and Giant Monsters. His work often showcases larger than life masked individuals and can be found at Thrillhouse Records, the independent press section of Local Comic shops, and on Instagram @BrainSpace_Comix.

Hannah Murray has been making art since 2010. Her art primarily focuses on positive and negative space using papercuting and stencils. You can find her work on Tumblr  at and on Instagram @Cobrasharking.

Jeremy Talamantes is an artist and stand up comedian raised on comic books, cartoons, cartoons, and graffiti. He uses whatever is near him whether it be pens, markers, spraypaint, or watercolors to create vibrant pieces that blend reality and abstraction. His doodles can be found on Instagram @thetoongoon.

Brendon Metcalf is a San Jose based Illustrator whose love for art began at  age 13. Inspired by his father and focused on the human form, his art is best described as fanciful realism. When he isn't working on freelance projects he dedicates his time to  his indie comic LvL 1. In addition to collaborating with his fellow artists at Brainspace Comics, you can find his work at or find examples of his work on Instagram @b_dawg_drawls.


San Francisco based humorist, Jordan Cerminara, is a published, award-winning cartoonist that’s trying to cut it in collage. From small town class clown to Bay Area buffoon, Jordan has spent the last four years in the city turning his stand-up into illustrated comics and transforming magazine clippings into compositions that embrace the bizarre. To see his comedy and art, visit or @strangehumorist on all social media.

Curated by Maria Gonzalez