News Release

October 17, 2016

The Stage is Set


With James Joyce looking on, the stage is set for the Grand Opening Gala. Here is a list of all the artists and performers involved in making this event possible:

Haunted House Performers

Carlos Zialcita & friends, harmonica
Vismaya Lhi Vismaya Lhi/Teatro Mistral
E.K. Keith, poet
Hal Robins, poet
Clyde Always the Bard of the Lower Haight
Street Brew Jazz Trio
David Wong, Alan Yip, Tranquil Resonance Studio, Chinese music
Genny Lim, poet
Francis Wong, saxophone
Stephen Kent, Beth Custer, Trance Mission-didjeridu and clarinet
Ryanaustin Dennis, poet
Laurie Winestock, jazz vocals
Wendy Wolter and Dan Brady, interpretative dance
The Dead Beat Band
Sarah Kerns, flute
Clarion Piano and Violin Players

Art Installers and Decorators

Brent Benaway
Georgina Manzo (Mexican grave)
Tanya Joyce (Tibetan grave)
Virginia Barrett (dead poets altar)
Henry Fesler
Marlene Aron
Tom Wishing
Jennifer Barone (Dead Poets Society)
Lori M Rillera, Kristy O'brien
Alex Benedict, Alice Benedict, Kinetech Arts (2.5D tombstone animation)
Benedict Lim (symphony)
Maria Gonzalez (face painting)
Richard Sanderell (Dead Poets feast)

Venue Preparation: David Acevedo
Lighting: Carson Duper
Photography: Julia Benaway
Volunteers: CCDC Youth Program

photo by Julia Benaway